● Date: November 20(Sun), 2022
  Hours: From 9:00(11:00 JST) to 16:35(18:35 JST)

● Registration: Advanced registration is not necessary.

All the attendees can freely participate in the seminar from the "entrance to the seminar" shown in the top page.


General Moderator:Kenichi Kokubo(Japan)

Opening Remarks9:00~9:05(Local time in Cambodia)
(11:00~11:05 JST: Japan Standard time)

Akihiro Yamashita(Japan)
The Chair of JSDT Human Resource Development Program Committee for Dialysis Specialist in Developing Country

Seminar 19:05~10:30(11:05~12:30 JST)

Chairperson:Minoru Ito(Japan), Sovandy Chan(Cambodia)

The causes of end stage kidney disease which needs dialysis or kidney transplantation:
Hitoshi Minakuchi(Japan)(30min.)

The history of dialysis:Akihiro Yamashita(Japan)(25min.)

Hemodialysis:Ryoichi Sakiyama(Japan)(30min.)

Seminar 210:30~11:30(12:30~13:30 JST)

Chairperson:Akihiro Yamashita(Japan), Kamol Svay(Cambodia)

Peritoneal dialysis:Minoru Ito(Japan)(30 min.)

Home dialysis, Blood Access:Haruki Wakai(Japan)(30min.)

Seminar 311:30~12:30(13:30~14:30 JST)

Chairperson:Haruki Wakai(Japan), Sopheaktra Tan(Cambodia)

Dialysis Room in Japan:Takayuki Abe(Japan)(15min.), Ayumi Takizawa(Japan)(15min.)

Dialysis Room in Cambodia:Sam Oudum Kim(Cambodia)(15min.)

The dialysis in Cambodia:Phichthida Thim(Cambodia)(15min.)

Lunch12:30~13:30(14:30~15:30 JST)

Seminar 413:30~14:30(15:30~16:30 JST)

Chairperson:Minoru Ito(Japan), Koeut Chansophal(Cambodia)

Renal Transplantation:Daisuke Ishii(Japan)(30min.)

CKD-MBD:Hideki Kawanishi(Japan)(30min.)

Seminar 514:30~15:30(16:30~17:30 JST)

Chairperson:Hirokazu Matsubara(Japan), Kamol Svay(Cambodia)

Anemia, Hypertension:Minoru Ito(Japan)(30min.)

COVID-19 of Dialysis Patients in Japan:Toru Hyodo(Japan)(30min.)

Seminar 615:30~16:30(17:30~18:30 JST)

Chairperson: Toru Hyodo(Japan), Sovandy Chan(Cambodia)

Cambodian Food Element Chart:Tam Nov(Cambodia)
on behalf of Cambodian Food Element Chart Establishment Team(15min.)

Diet Control by using Food Element Chart:Yukie Kitajima(Japan)(30min.)

Diabetic diet therapy by the basic Carbohydrate Counting:Elin Phon(Cambodia)(15min.)

Closing Remarks16:30~16:35(18:30~18:35 JST)

Toru Hyodo(Japan)
The Vice Chair of JSDT Human Resource Development Program Committee for Dialysis Specialist in Developing Country