● Date: December 3(Sat), 2022
  Hours: From 8:00 to 12:00

● Seminars in Vietnam are held in person;
  web-based viewing is not available.

All the participants are entitled to have certification of attendance of the seminar from JSDT signed by the President of JSDT upon request if you participate in all the lectures.

Attendance confirmation (ID verification) will be conducted for each session.
Only those who have attended the entire program will receive a certificate of completion.
Participants who join the program in the middle of a session will not receive a certificate of completion.


Opening Remarks8:00~8:05

Hideki Kawanishi(Japan)

Seminar 18:10~8:50

Vascular access(VA)surgery and management:Toshihide Naganuma(Japan)

Seminar 28:50~9:10

The technique and efficacy of arteriovenous fistula(AVF)massage therapy:
Toru Hyodo(Motoko Kato)(Japan)

Seminar 39:20~10:00

Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and. Bone Disorder(CKD-MBD):Hideki Kawanishi(Japan)

Renal Anemia Management10:10~11:00

Seminar 410:10~10:30

Mechanism of hematopoiesis and the importance of the iron cycle:
Hirokazu Matsubara(Japan)

Seminar 510:40~11:00

Hematopoiesis with hypoxia-induced factor prolyl-hydroxylase inhibitors:
Toshihide Naganuma(Japan)

Seminar 611:10~11:30

Hyperkalemia Management:Toru Hyodo(Japan)

Seminar 711:30~11:50

COVID-19 of Dialysis patients in Japan:Toru Hyodo(Japan)

Closing Remarks11:55~12:00

Toru Hyodo(Japan)